About us

Dr. Mahboubeh Hortamani, founder of BAAM-Consulting BVBA obtained her PhD. in theoretical physics in the “Max-Planck Institute” in Berlin. She shifted her focus to economy and finance with joining Hochtief AG. Her business expertise was complemented with attending ONP-Management and DEME Group as management consultant in finance and risk management, and in innovation management at Antwerp Port Authority and BMW Group followed by an MBA degree in L'École supérieure de commerce de Paris “ESCP” in Paris.

She believes “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” and she strives to generate new business values for her clients with helping them to anticipate their future customer demands.

BAAM-Consulting BVBA (business analytics and management consulting) is a private limited liability company based in Belgium.

We are passionate creative achievers and professionals, our core values are accountability, transparency, creativity and problem solving and our mission is to increase our customers value propositions and support them to run sustainable and innovative business

with the main focus on:

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Project Management

  • Financial Engineering

  • Quality Engineering

Our functional expertise provide a successful collaboration with companies in diverse sectors of business and industries from energy to (offshore) construction, logistics, asset management and insurance.